Soul Realignment

Soul Realignment™

To access your Records within the  Soul Realignment™ modality The Reader requires your date of birth, name at birth, place of birth and your current name.  This modality enables me to study your Records in depth which can take anything up to 2 hours.  Once I have all the information I will then present the findings to you in a 1 hour session.  

Within Soul Realignment™ the Reader will be able to access whether you are an old or new Soul, the planet you first incarnated in, what qualities of that planet you carry in your Soul memory and how those gifts manifest in your human experience. You, the Wisdom Seeker is also able to understand who your Spirit Guides are. What programmes they are running in you and how those programmes are effecting you.  With this conscious knowledge the Wisdom Seeker is encouraged to make choices which are in congruence with their Divine Soul blueprint.

To know where we are going, we must first know where we came from.  This is the vital information that we can access in Soul Realignment™ within of the Akashic Records.  Soul Realignment™ goes deep into learning about your Soul blueprint and your Divine gifts.  When you know what your Divine gifts are you can make choices based on your talents and gifts which will bring immense abundance into your life.  We also dig deep into your Records to find what present and past life blocks and restriction are disempowering you, as a consequence of which you might be experiencing lack in your life.  Are there any past life contracts and vows that are effecting you in your current life? If yes, how and why did you create these restrictions. We explore these and many more questions in depth which can sometimes be difficult to reach in a Live Askashic Record Reading.

When the Wisdom Seeker, through conscious knowledge makes different choices, complete abundance will flow into their life resulting in lasting transformation and prosperity .

£165.00 for a 75 minute session (Readings are available on zoom or in person)

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Your kind words

Kavita is incredibly knowledgeable about spirituality which is a blessing in and of itself.  My Akashic Records reading with her was laser-focused and brought me a ton of clarity – which resulted in me being able to move forward with the issue at hand very quickly. Overall, I felt safe, seen and heard, which is super important to me. Thank you Kavita!



23 August 2021

Immediately it was clear that Kavita is a dedicated life-long student of energy healing. Her passion is evident by her undivided attention and laser focus.
My Akashic Record Reading was incredibly helpful. Kavita quickly narrowed in to my challenge to ask the right questions to the Record Keepers. She was able to give me insight and practical actionable steps to clear past contracts and vows that no longer serve me, and are no longer relevant to my Life-path progression.
Energetically, I feel lighter, calmer, and in better alignment. Thank you, Kativa for sharing your gifted talents with me. I am forever grateful.



20 August 2021

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The humble purpose of the Reader is to shine a light towards Connection and Inclusion, going from Duality to Oneness. The Reader attempts to hold your hand as you begin to experience who you really are.