A shared moment, a delight, an inspiration, a thought.  The joy, pure and unadulterated. A blessing from the infinite creator.

A dear friend of mine shared this photo of her young son with me.  This beautiful child who is like a grandson to me suddenly spoke to me from within the image.  Often, I have heard people describe how images speak with them and stir extremely profound emotions.  For the first time in my life, I experienced this.

But what happened, what gave rise to this total experience of bliss?  What message did my energy receive from this image?

Pious, unconditional, unbiased, unselfish, desireless connection to the Divine.  A direct connection with the truth of our existence.  As this gorgeous child looks at, wonders at, admires and pays undivided attention to the bubbles around him, he has absolutely no thoughts except to enjoy the wonder of the bubbles as they are.  He is expressing what we all miss in our lives, “living in the moment”.  The expression on his face is of total absorption in the bubbles.  He is at One with the essence of the bubbles.  There is a certain oneness between the two and their interaction and connection.  The eyes speak volumes, the lifted face shows a reverence towards the experience, the arms reaching out speak of the emerging desire to reach for this pure and blissful state of being.  And the amazing thought is that we are all born with this innate gift of “living in the moment”.

So, what happens, why do we lose this experience of living a life which is of “just living in the moment”?  The search for this question is one that nobody can give us the answer for.  We have to explore, reflect, carve out and then experience our own path.  Those walking alongside us can help, but they cannot walk our walk! Each one of us has to walk our own unique path.

Food for thought.  Do we have time to explore this, do we even wish to?  When I began to work with my Masters, Guides, Loved Ones and Ancestors within the Akashic Records, I never thought the insights I would receive would alter my life in ways that I could not even imagine.  I did not realise that with each Akashic Record Reading that I offer to the Wisdom Seekers who connect with me, I too would evolve in an unimaginably deep and profound manner.

I will conclude with an insightful quote for the 13th century mystic and poet, Rumi.

“Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world,

Today I am wise so I am changing myself”.

And therein lies the answer to the question, so, “what happens, why do we lose this experience of living a life which is of “just being in the moment”?

Namaste Dost