Have you ever stopped to think what happens when you go through a painful experience? Times when you feel your very heart is being yanked out of your body and, taking a breath requires all the effort required by Hercules to move a mountain. There is only darkness all around and you are surrounded by sinister shadows you did not even know existed.  Somehow, in the depths of despair, the animal instinct of survival surfaces.  Our consciousness remembers this primal requirement of our existence.  Then, slowly, we start to pull our lives together.  We begin to move on, to let go and face another day.  So, what happens when the pain dulls?

What have you done with all that trauma, hurt and anguish?  Well, you have been taught to take control of your emotions, to chin up, forget it and simply look forward to the next new challenge in life.  Therefore, this is what you do.  Little do you realise that on the surface you might have dealt with it and carried on, but somewhere deep down, where it really matters, a change has taken place.  You have changed, your soul memory has adjusted and your consciousness has been altered.  This is the information that is stored in the Akashic Records.  The Akashic Records store the incidence and the lessons you learnt and internalised.  These are the depth of your soul memory that can be reached via an Akashic Record Reading.  You have fear of failure, but you don’t know why.  Your rational mind tells you that it is futile to have fear, yet you cannot help the feeling of despair.  Why?  The reason being, although your intellectual mind can reason and rationalise every thought, it cannot alter the subconscious mind as quickly as you would like it to.  This requires years of practise and an understanding of how the fear of failure came about in the first instance.  Sometimes these answers lie in past lives, but of course we have no memory of it.  Whilst we explore the world of the Akashic Records we ask for assistance from your Masters, Record Keepers and Guides.  Often, they explain to you where the fear began.  They then proceed to give you messages and healings so that you can begin to understand the fear and then dissipate it.  Ultimately, it is you the wisdom seeker, who has to make subtle changes in your choices to help you to move from fear to freedom.  New choices will always result in new consequences.  Isn’t that an empowering thought?

An Akashic Record Reading is an investment of time and resources into the most vital aspect of your life, YOU.  However, it is imperative to remember that mindfulness and constant awareness of who you are at soul level is what will propel your life into prosperity and abundance.

Namaste Dost.