The messages that come from the Record Keepers and Guides during an Akashic Records Reading are always clearer and more coherant than I could put in words.  It is as though the clarity is coming from a different dimension.  It is, but it never fails to amaze me and surround me in it’s warmth.

I was with a beautiful young Wisdom Seeker and she asked her Guides, what they needed her to know about, “sobriety and substance abuse”, how is she meant to deal with it?  I, as the channel and intuitive went straight in and put the questions to her Ancestors, Record Keepers and Guides.  The experience I had was mystical to say the least.  I felt transported to somewhere in between the clouds and there I got shown a clear quartz crystal held up in front of the eyes.  On the other side of this clear crystal were the words ,” Sobriety”.  The Wisdom Seeker was then asked to hold this crystal up to her eyes, look through it and simple pay attention to the word she could see through the crystal.  Then the Guides went on to give her this statement, “ When we pay attention to what we want, that which does not serve us leaves, lovingly and willingly”.  It was a truly mystical experience for me as The Reader. I felt the presence of a Higher Being surrounding me.  I wondered later, why The Guides said, “ lovingly and willingly”.  I guess they wish to envelope all duality in love and acceptance.  The dark side of sobriety would be indulgence and The Guides did not wish the Wisdom Seeker to pay any attention to the dark side, but to let it go with gentle love and acceptance.  They were guiding her to give no thought to the dark side, which is why they asked her to simply pay attention to what she wants.  Afterall, energy flows where attention goes.

Often, when we try to give up a negative habit that does not serve us, we come up with a grandiose plan of how we will deal with it if it comes into our experience.  What we will do or not do.  We create boundaries and set methods to stay within those boundaries and then when it comes to the crunch we fall flat on our face.  The same pattern repeats over and over again and we cannot understand why.  After a certain number of attempts we begin to feel we are a failure, we will never succeed and then we give up altoghter, thinking this is how we are and this is our fate!

But why does this happen? Why do we keep repeating this negative pattern of self-sabotage?  May I be bold enough to suggest that one of the reasons could be that we give the negative habit we wish to break too much of our attention and therefore our energy.  We try with our 4th dimensional intellectual mind to work on energies which are too deep rooted for the intellectual mind to reach!  If we simply practice paying single minded attention to what we want, the object of our desire slowly but surely begins to become part of our subtle body, our subconscious mind.

Of course, there are many factors that contribute to the negative habits that show up in our lives.  For instance, our past life experiences, our childhood experiences, the history of our ancestors, our land, our people, collective consciousness of all human beings and more.  However, if we are to live our most abundant life we need to break past these negative habits.  One way to do this is by dedicating our attention to what we wish to create in our human experience.

Namaste Dost