In recent months I have been feeling the power and the calling of my ancestors. They are real, they exist and they certainly want to connect with us.  They have an agency of keeping their living descendants alive.  Our Ancestors need us to remember them in our daily prayers and be mindful of their likes and dislikes.  I very often feel them around me, sense them in the slight breeze that brushes past me or the soft aroma that reaches me during periods of quiet reflection. They are speaking to me, guiding me and are very much part of my life.  This connection with my ancestors is now making its way to my Readings.

In many Akashic Record Readings for the Wisdom Seekers, their Ancestors have been coming forward with healings, messages, blessings and guidance.  Recently, I was in the Akashic Records of my own son (who was not present with me) when I asked for Ancestral help.  A very distant ancestor came forward.  This ancestor then took a stake and began to beat my son.  I was aghast, I had never experienced this before.  Normally, the ancestors come forward with gifts of love, wisdom and healing.  However, I knew I was in the Records and wanted to be respectful and accepting of what I was being shown.  I stayed with it, watched and waited.  I was wondering whether my son might have felt some discomfort at this time.  After a short while the beating stopped and I sensed black smoke leaving from my sons bent and crunched body.  It was like a shadow!  I was shell shocked. I realised his ancestor had worked on moving on an attaching entity from his energy field.  Sometimes, there are different entities or earthbound souls that attached themselves to us.  They don’t normally don’t want to harm us, (but it does feel disconcerting and shows up as a disempowerment in our life).  It is just that for some reason they have not transitioned completely into the next realm.  They are quite powerless on their own to move on.  They too need help.  After the entity left my son, the ancestor did a healing prayer for the entity and my son.  She thanked the entity and sent it off with unconditional love and deep intent to go back into Source. She gently accepted that the entity too was distressed and was grateful to have been released.  The ancestor and my son watched the entity leave and dissolve into the Divine.  The ancestor then put her arms around my son in a gentle but firm embrace and told him he is now safe. It was so beautiful and reassuring for me to see the love and care this distant ancestor has for her descendent.

There have been many similar visits from Ancestors when we are in the Akashic Records of Wisdom Seekers.  Sometimes the Ancestors ask for love, healing and moving of trauma from the Wisdom Seeker.  They express their own anguish and pain and ask for those to be removed without judgement and with unconditional love.  This process benefits both the ancestor and the Wisdom Seeker to remove blocked energy from their ancestral lineage and free the coming generations.

For anyone who is feeling disconnected with themselves, an Akashic Record Reading is a safe and enlightening experience where it is possible to restore a sense of self and raise awareness. It is heartening to remember that much healing and transformation happens when we are in the sacred presence of our Record Keepers, Guides and Loved Ones.

To connect with your Ancestors through the Akashic Records, book a Reading today and experience the magical healing within the Records.

Namaste Dost