Live with “Joy” – Explore the Akashic Records

What does it mean to live with “joy”?  That which lifts the heart up, brings pleasure, makes the heart sing.

The word “joy” conjures up images of smiles, happiness and desires fulfilled.  The word joy often implies that we have gained that which we like.  Do we only feel joy when life has planned out exactly as we wish?  When what we want comes into fruition, we feel the emotion of joy, we smile and we feel all is in order.  “Joy” therefore is attached with our likes and the gratification of our self-centred demands.

But what of the wishes of others?  Isn’t what I want just as important as what the next person wants?  By this measure someone is always going to be unhappy, because if something has gone the way of one, sometimes it may not have gone the way of another!  If someone does not behave according to our wishes, likes and dislikes we feel unhappy, we want to change the circumstances.  We want them to see our self – centred point of view, because we are so sure our way is the correct way.  Who has given the authority to us that our way is the only correct way?  Why should another human being or even life go exactly how we want it? Why should circumstances out of our control be in control of our capability to live with joy? When we come to think of it, is it a reasonable demand of life? When we explore these questions within the pure space of the Akashic Records we often find spiritual insight which we would not be able to reach with our 4th dimensional intellectual minds.

Often, we change that which we don’t like. Perfect and we should.  If something or someone is not bringing us joy, we must move on and bring about the change which we anticipate will bring us joy.  But what if it does not, and what if it does?  That’s it, now we have made the change and now we expect to “live with joy”! And there it is once again! The flow of life has now brought another situation in our life which is making us unhappy and taking us further away from our desire to live with joy! Do we then take solace in what we call, “little pleasures of life”?  Does pleasure lead to joy?

Now let’s look at pleasure.

Pleasure and joy are two different things and we will do well to understand the difference between the two.  The seeking of pleasure is closely attached to pain.  Time permitting, analyse this statement.  Something has given us pleasure; memory holds it in place for us and thought prompts us to seek that pleasure again.  What happens when we cannot find that pleasure again, we pine for it, causing ourselves distress and agony until we can get that pleasure again.  We are now a slave to that pleasure and have given up our freedom for that which is not even capable of giving us any joy at all.  Pleasure lies to us!  It makes promises it can never keep and certainly never ends in a “life of joy”. Pleasure cannot even touch the surface of guiding us to a “live with joy”.

So how can we “live with joy”?

When a storm comes our way, we stand strong and face the storm with fierce determination.  We fight for our survival and the survival of all, we bring up all the emotions of courage and face the storm fearlessly. When the storm ebbs, we look at what we have achieved with grace, humility and gratitude.  We have a profound understanding that for now the storm has gone, we did what we needed to do, we rest, but with the knowledge that the rest is temporary and the storm will be back again.  We view the entire process with acceptance and equanimity.  To live with joy means that we view the ebb and flow, the black and white, the dark and light, the good and evil, the ups and down of life from a place of deep – rooted understanding that the opposites compliment each other and are as necessary as each other.  We have no preference; we honour everything that life brings our way with complete equanimity.  When someone behaves in a way that is to our dislike, we decide how we respond.  Life is not about what comes our way, it is about how we respond to it.  Within the Akashic Record Readings we explore how to live with Joy.

To live with joy is to accept all that comes our way with equanimity. 

Namaste Dost.