When you think of the word, “power” what image does it conjure up? A body builder demonstrating the bicep curl, the pained face of an athlete sprinting towards the finishing line, the broad and strong body of Hercules as he carries a mountain above his head? Do you associate, power with strength, determination, conviction, never giving up, forcefully striding along? Is it the indomitable strength with which you finish a marathon or a task you have been assigned? Or, is it the power that others exert on you and indeed the wider world? What, does power mean to you? How have you internalised what it means to be powerful?

These, and many more thoughts such a as these are what most of us associate with power.  But, when we delve into the depths of the Akashic Records and their wisdom we realise that there is a subtler meaning of power which evades us all

Now, let’s for a moment put a slight soft blanket over the word “power”. “Ponder over the world within and explore recovery of the Self”.

This is the work that I humbly attempt do within an Akashic Records Reading.

An Akashic Record Reading will enable you to find a quiet and gentle power that lies deep within. A power that is stronger that any other sort of mammoth power you might know or think about. This is the unsurmountable power that comes when you start the journey of Self-knowledge. When you begin to gather conscious awareness, through an Akashic Record Reading, of who you are at Soul- level you begin to get re-acquainted with your true self. That brings about a gentle and unshakeable power that allows you to live your best human experience. You will begin to see the chi, spirit or citta within you. When that happens, life as it is meant to be, begins.

I invite you to open your heart and follow where it takes you.

Namaste Dost