We create noise and busyness in our lives to avoid having time to look inwards. We are forever searching for the next event that will satisfy us.

  • Why does the search never end, what are we looking for?
  • What is it that we want when we constantly make plans week after week, weekend after weekend and so on into the distant future?
  • When will this search end and where will it lead us?

You, the wisdom seeker, are curious and therefore you are here exploring the world of Akashic Records Reading.  Trust me if you are reading this, you want to know.

Answers to the above questions and many others can be found in silence. But how to achieve silence, how to alleviate all thoughts and create silence in the mind? Let’s keep it really simple to begin with.

Try this activity 5 minutes twice a day for the next 21 days.

Find a quiet place, light a candle, sit straight with your spine correctly poised, close your eyes and first make your body as still as possible. Take a few deep breaths in and breathe out slowly and softly. Now, just observe your natural breath as it comes and goes out of your nostrils. Gently focus your attention on the areas just below your nostrils. That’s it. This is the beginning of the journey into the Self.

The journey to find a way out begins with finding a way in. Namaste Dost